Our Programs

Wishwas currently has operations in Queens (Kew Gardens) and Brooklyn. We believe in fair trade, fair wages and expanding opportunities for low-income women and their communities.

Our weekly meetings provide a vibrant space for the following programs:
  1. Vocational Skills Training: We provide hands-on training and support services to develop skills such as design, production and presentation.
  1. Cooperatives: We provide the initial support structure and micro-loans for members to meet, form self-sustaining cooperatives and start-up businesses, purchase materials and finance new initiatives.
  1. Small Business Entrepreneurship: We assist Wishwas members develop and manage a business plan, including marketing, budgeting, partnerships and sales. We provide mentors, workshops and networks to help leverage resources, attain loans and gain visibility for their work.
  1. Legal and Health Resources: We believe in women’s holistic development and understand that legal and health barriers can prevent women from realizing their fullest potentials. We provide referrals to affordable and accessible healthcare, legal services and social services, to encourage emotional and physical well-being.