Our Advisors

Our Advisors

Our Advisors

Wishwas has a group of dynamic and successful women who serve as advisors to our board. We are grateful to work with each and every one of our guiding lights.


Aroon Shivdasani 

Aroon is the executive director and founding member of the Indo-American Arts Council (http://www.iaac.us). She has partnered with us on several engagements, from providing fiscal sponsorship, fundraising help,  to event management advice and resources.

Anita Bhatt

Anita Bhatt

Anita is the president of Diva America and provides us with marketing and fundraising advice and assistance. She is instrumental in organizing our events and bringing new ideas to Wishwas.


Lavina Melwani from Lassi with Lavina

Lavina Melwani

Lavina is a New York based journalist who has written for several international publications including India Today, Worth, Newsday, Asia Inc., The Hindustan Times, The Wall Street Journal, Art & Antiques, The Week, and The Hindu. She currently blogs for the Smithsonian HomeSpun Indian American Heritage Project.

She maintains a personal blog at Lassi with Lavina, an online magazine about arts and culture, food and travel through the prism of India (www.lassiwithlavina.com)

She is a co-founder and board member of Children’s Hope India (www.childrenshopeindia.org) and has aided collaborations and funding with CHI for Wishwas projects. She has helped Wishwas on various other fronts including marketing and social media exposure.


Ritika Burman

Ritika is a Home Scientist with a Masters degree in Textiles and Clothing. She is part of our Product Development team and has been responsible for coming up with new product ideas.

Ritika has designed the beautiful Wishwas ‘bindi’ logo. The origins of the symbol date back to ancient Hindu culture where women adorned the space between their eyebrows with a red dot called a ‘bindi’. The bindi represents a centre of intellect and concealed wisdom. The red color signifies honor, love and prosperity.

Dr. Vasundhara Kalasapudi

Dr. Vasundhara is the executive director and founder president of India Home (http://www.indiahome.org). She has helped us with mentoring on different levels, donations and support in non profit structure and management. She was our first benefactor without whom Wishwas would not have achieved what it has so far.

Kamla Motihar

Kamla has helped us with cultivating board members, logistics, donations and moral support.

Ujwala Samant

Ujwala has helped us with board development, networking and donations, advice on non profit matters.