Abida Sultana:

Abida joined us 3 years ago from the Queens Library. She has a post graduate degree in Economics from Bangladesh, and has briefly worked for the Queens Library but the demands of home and family forced her to give up her job. Wishwas recognized her potential to become a leader for the group since she was quite fluent in English and could communicate with the Bangladeshi community.

Wishwas hired her as the Program Coordinator. Since then, she has learned how to liaise with other institutions outside her group, to be an advocate for her community, and to work on Microsoft Word and Excel for writing project reports and other office work. She also has her own group called “Samosa Queens” which was partly funded by Wishwas and helped by Daphna Leweinstein who we brought -in to help us with our cooperative structures.

Abida is an excellent cook and a skilled seamstress.


Hasina Ahsan

Hasina is the light of the Wishwas group. She brightens up the classes with her endearing smile and her kindness to other class members. Hasina has an MBA and had her own Boutique back home. She has a certification from BRAC.ORG for Block printing. Hasina is looking forward to having her own business as well. She has two children and manages her home and family. She is an excellent seamstress who can make sari blouses, design pillow covers, potli bags, embroidery and bead work. Check out “potli station” on Facebook.

Click on the link below to hear Hasina’s story.

Shamshun Nahar

Shamshun has matriculation from Bangladesh. She is a stay- at- home Mom who raises four kids and has done an excellent job doing so. She is now looking to start her own business, and has some direct experience in the food business. Wishwas is helping her to find a niche market and product.


Sukla is a senior Citizen who was a Principal of a school in Bangladesh. Sukla has an innovative product called “Recycled Rice bag clutches” made from discarded rice bags. Wishwas helped her come up with the Clutch bag designs and helped her to choose threads and colors to make her designs more marketable. This is one of our proudest projects.

Click on the link below to hear Sukla’s story